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Weird Question

Does anyone think that there can just be an abundance of bad luck, or could it be something less "chancey?"
Lately it feels like we're cursed. It seems the more goodness I give out , the more bad things seem to happen. I try to look at everything in a bright sense, find the good that comes out of the bad, but my mother said that my grandmother once swore she would curse my mother and all of her family (grandmother hated my father but my mother chose him over her and married him, so grandmother went after mother with a knife, saying she was forever cursed.) I'm nearly 30 years old and feel silly wondering about this, but I am also tired of this little black rain cloud that seems to froever hang over our heads. I hope no one thinks I'm nuts...maybe the rest of the world has the same amount of bad luck in the same timeframe? Sorry for venting like this...
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