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Question for the mods

I am sure more then a few of u remember me in my infamous stupidty (sry for that again)
anyway moving on
I remembered i said as a sry gesture and because it would be fun I would make a layout for u guys
so I have a few questions for u so i can do it the wayu like
I have an image for the backround or header as well as somthing that i haven't fiddled with yet but may or may not become a community icon (i might find or make somthing better)
also i will need a few details from the mods unless u guys would just like me to fiddle and make a tester for ya
also would u like me to make a few advertisement buttons for ya ?
let me know :)

icon possibility(but i will prob fiddle with it or find somthing else)

header or backround possibility (if u want me to make one like a blend or somthing i can do that to)
Image hosted by
of course everything can be changed :)
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